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With great joy we dedicate this edition of our Tamarindo Foundation newsletter to faith, hope and celebration of the lives of Saint Oscar Romero and Fr. Rutilio Grande S.J., who were both killed in loving service to God and the community of God, the Church.

We also share news of our new president in El Salvador and a very blessed visit by the St. Pius X community of Indianapolis.

Saint Oscar Romero and Fr. Rutilio Grande S.J.
39th and 43rd Anniversary of Martyrdom

The final the words of our dear brother Oscar Romero:

    …….that we may give our body and blood to suffering and pain
like Christ, not for self, but to part notions of justice and peace to
our people. Let us join together intimately in faith, hope and prayer...

After imparting those words, a gunman came through the door of the chapel of the Divina Providencia and fired a bullet that took our Bishop’s life.

In our month dedicated to the martyrs, we at the Tamarindo have remembered our brothers in celebrations of the eucharist, community reflections, theatre, music, art, food, love, service and prayer. The Tamarindo Community also dedicated a statue to Romero at our community liturgy on March 24.

Our many celebrations were incredibly moving and joyful, especially reflections from our seniors who remembered stories of great love for their friend and pastor through their tears. We were also honored to be part of the first gathering of the Diocese of Chalatenango to celebrate Romero with a very personal talk by Romero’s companion, Fr. Jon Sobrino S.J., followed by the sacrifice of the mass.

In understanding St. Oscar and Fr. Grande S.J., who in 1977 was gunned down by the same hate that killed Romero and thousands upon thousands of Salvadoran poor, we need to go to the gospel, as the lives and legacy of both Saint Romero and Padre Grande can not be separated from Christ:

I assure you, unless the grain of wheat falls to the ground
And dies, it remains infertile.
But if it dies it produces a great yield…Jn. 12:24

There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life
For one’s friends… Jn. 15:13

So now, after all these years, the wheat that has fallen to the ground must yield that great harvest. Their legacy must not be pushed aside.

The same hate that took our sisters and brothers lives still exists. Our news is still filled with darkness: children killing children, desperate youth taking their own lives, families unable to live in their own towns because of violence and poverty, whole communities in fear for lack of water, jobs, education and other critical human resources.
This must change. Our ‘Romerian’ joy must now be put to action. May the martyrdom of Saint Oscar Romero and Fr. Rutilio Grande S.J. continue to inspire in all of us the urgent desire to create peace, opportunity, safe communities and hope for El Salvador and the world.  “The Glory of God is that the poor may live.” Saint Oscar Romero and Fr. Rutilio PRESENTE!

President Nayib Buyele 2019-2024

On June 1, El Salvador will welcome our new president Nayib Bukele, who was elected on the first ballot defeating party candidates of the FMLN and ARENA.

President-elect Bukele is a 37-year-old business person and first “millennial president” of Latin America, who harnessed the power of social media to defeat two well established political powers that have governed El Salvador for over thirty years. Bukele promises to address issues of corruption, poverty, public safety, lack of employment, forced migration and the environment. He comes to the presidency after serving as mayor of both Nuevo Cuscatlan and San Salvador.
His election to office is a clear message to the political establishment: El Salvador wants and needs an honest president that will work for El Salvador.

Blessed by the Community of St. Pius X Parish of Indianapolis, IN

This month, we were so honored to host our companions from St. Pius X Parish, which has been part of our community for over 23 years. The relationship began when our friend Cindy Pile invited her mom and dad, Stafford and Clara Pile to El Salvador. In 1996, Clara and Stafford brought the first St. Pius delegation and as they say, the rest is history.

Over the years, our relationship has grown to include the community of Portillo in El Salvador and other high schools and colleges in Indianapolis, most notably Bishop Chatard High School, which continues to be a great part of our Tamarindo community.
Our week with St. Pius X was an encounter of friends, a retreat and a time of discernment in our hope of growing closer to God by being sister and brother to one another. We were so grateful to welcome Fr. Jim Farrell, who celebrated mass (in Spanish) at the altars of Saint Oscar Romero, the Jesuit Martyrs and the monastery of El Mozote, where over a thousand civilians were gunned down by the Salvadoran army.

So on behalf of the community of Portillo and the Tamarindo, we would like to thank our amazing leader Lisa Fohl (Lisa you are the greatest) and our St. Pius X community:  Carol Wagner, Alice Mattingly, Kriste Mossman, Jim and Mary Sukup (we can still hear Mary laughing), Jim Dubach, Mandy Bates, Kathy Halleck, Sister Patty Wallace and Melissa Rodriguez.

A Final Note

As we prepare for Easter, we ask you to pray with us for wisdom, strength, direction and resources. May our harvest be great. Please remember us through your generous giving and share the Tamarindo with others. Know we are always available to come to your communities to meet new people. Please invite us and help us to continue this work.

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Know how grateful we are to each and every one of you. We are together, the Tamarindo.

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